Top 3 Portrait Lightroom Presets

This is a collection of 3 most necessary LR presets packages, which help not only to save your time, but give you amazing and professional outcomes.


1. Lightroom Film Presets Free


Every professional retoucher has at hand at least one preset that will add a stylized film effect. These ready-made Lightroom film presets free work according to the same algorithm. They take samples of the most famous films and try to replicate them. They take into consideration the degree of colour contrast, graininess and the range of necessary colours. All presets will create a low contrast of black and white points in combination with muted coloring. This pack has 10 effective Lightroom film presets free for creating various effects from widespread B&W to stylized vintage samples.


2. Free HDR Presets For Lightroom


It is difficult to find free HDR presets for Lightroom that will create a suitable realistic effect. This collection contains only those plugins that add natural effects and are easy in using. All presets are aimed at raising photography contrast, highlighting particular photo areas, increasing luminosity or saturation and adding varied artistic effects. LR presets are easy and time-economizing in application, because of being developed by experienced professionals.

The collection consists of 10 Adobe Lightroom presets HDR that are necessary for creating natural HDR photography. All of them work with all Lightroom versions and file formats. They can be used with all photo genres presenting a successful result with any photo style. Such plugins will low photo contrast, saturate colors and highlight important objects that are placed in shadows. After these options, your pictures will be dramatic and textured.


3. Amazing Bundle of Portrait Lightroom Presets


These plugins have been developed specially for portrait photography, where face is the most important element and all techniques underline its beauty, emotional state and individual features. The collection of 10 portrait Lightroom presets devoted to different photo effects, contains varied settings for any portrait photographer`s need. There are common plugins like black and white or vintage. They are the most complicated in creating, but easy in application.

Unique presets like soft skin or cold white only make this collection completed, effective and beneficial for modern photographers. They guarantee to make photo coloring either warm and smooth or cold and contrast. This set contains portrait Lightroom presets with those effects that are the most used in contemporary portrait retouching by professionals. For this they can raise photography to a new level.

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