10 Free Latest Fonts Collection For 2016

The beauty of every design is fully depended on fonts. The best collection of fonts increase the beauty of your design. If we make a design for building or construction company, we have to use the slab serif font in our design, which directly goes on our design theme and also gives the professional look.

I share with you 10 Free Latest Fonts Collection For 2016. These are one of the best fonts collection for the designers for their design projects. These are all free. Feel free to download and enjoy.

1- Cast Iron Free Font

Cast Iron Free Font


2- Dissimo Free Font

Dissimo Free Font


3- Free Ansley Display Font

Free Ansley Display Font


4- Free Balqis Font

Free Balqis Font


5- Free Boldy Typeface

Free Boldy Typeface


6- Free Cutie Star Font

Free Cutie Star Font


7- Free Fenton Typeface Font Family

Free Fenton Typeface Font Family


8- Free Karmina Bold Font

Free Karmina Bold Font


9- Free Navy Queen Font

Free Navy Queen Font


10- Free Variane Script Font

Free Variane Script Font


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